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Limonnik -- 14 benefits of the shaman berry

Limonnik -- 14 benefits of the shaman berry

14 benefits of Limonnik berry:


1.    Stimulates CNS

2.    Influences carbohydrate metabolism. Increases metabolic rate, helps burning fat

3.    Increases physical efficiency, also at night

4.    Enhances the immunity (prevention of  SARS)

5.    Enhances respiratory function, super effective during oxygen deprivation

6.    Improves erectile function. Increases virility and libido

7.    Enhances mental function

8.    Improves night and peripheral vision

9.    Enhances performance in sports

10.  Powerful antidepressant

11.  Alleviates acclimatization

12.  Increases stress resistance

13.  Provides accumulation of biologically active energy

14.  Provides rejuvenating effect


Limonnik (“chinese” limonnik) is the unique stimulant and of the most powerful adaptogen..

Adaptogens – are natural substances providing tonic influence on human and increasing physical effectiveness during hypoxia and severe climate changes. Ginseng, rosewort, eleuterococcus (siberian ginseng), leuzea, aralia, deer antlers, mumijo are also recovery adaptogens. These substances intensively promote health, so organism deals with various illnesses easily due to enhanced immunity. Adaptogens are so called medicine for healthy people.

From ancient times people of the Far East used have been using Limonnik as a tonic. Dried limonnik berries is constant and irreplaceable supplement of different hunter ethnic groups  – Udegeians and Nanaians. Using that magic remedy they can hunt for the whole day without any other energy resources. So people willing to burn some fat also can keep that in mind


Other tonics, such as energy drinks, coffee, pu-erh tea act intensively for short time (about an hour), so the recession is also sharp making you feel exhausted. Using them is like starting engine at -30 degrees Celsius. Unlike these stimulants, limonnik slowly starts to act, accelerating for about 40 minutes, then it is active for 6-7 hours and slowly stops the influence on human. It is important to mention that its energizing effect does don provide any exhaustion of CNS, vice versa it helps to accumulate energy.

Our team MAKSONA recommends to take limonnik juice buy course of ten bottles, one per day. After that course you will feel positive influence on efficiency, immunity and sleep (easier to fall asleep and to wake up). Better mood and feeling harmony also will be noticed. Moreover general clarity of mind will be a pleasant bonus.

We have abilty to ship our goods inculding limonnik. We have experience in shipping to US, UK, Greece, Germany etc. So if you are looking forward to have such a magic remedy, get in touch and we will help you!

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